Welcome to Tirumala Industrial and Allied Services Private Limited

Tirumala Industrial and Allied Services Private Limited was established in the year 1991, with its flagship company TIRUMALA SERVICES, to provide quality manpower in all fields of expertise to address the ever increasing need of the industry.

Since the inception, our focus has been to provide quality services at a competitive price to our esteemed customers. And we are proud that we were & still doing it in a successful manner. It is due to our team’s professional and committed approach, in over the past 31+ years, we have been able to grow to become a name to recon, in the field of manpower solutions. We are always striving hard to address the changing needs of the market and accordingly venturing into newer segments. And we are happy to share that with existing and new ventures we have been able to spread our operations to the entire nation.

We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labours to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. We are the licensed agency to provide manpower in our sponsorship to reduce the worries of our customers about compensation, insurance, labour law and accommodation of their employees. Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers, we have gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward legal manpower supplier.

Our Mission:

To be the preferred business partner across the market segments in the industry through our uncompromising quality services, operational excellence and professional ethics. To adapt to the client’s changing needs as well the changing markets to be the business of success, growth and integrity.

Our Vision:

To be the leader in value creation, providing our customers with manufacturing, operational and maintenance solutions through innovation, technology and sustainable practices.

Our Values

At Tirumala, we are very passionate about our work. We strive to continue offering more value to our clients and employees. A common set of values and goals, shared by every member of our company serves as a standard reference point and enables us as all to move together successfully into the future:

  • Excellence And Quality
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • People Development
  • Innovation

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Our Recruitment Process:

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